Strength Training

Health benefits :

-maintain the correct posture of the body and tone the body shape

-reduce chronic pain of muscles and joints

-increase the protection ability of the body

-increase physical strength during exercise

-reduce the chance of sustaining injuries

Types of exercise :

Doing exercise with fitness equipment and dumb-bells, etc

Guidelines :

-increase the resistance or weights gradually during exercise according to your capability

-maintain an appropriate speed for the movements and never go too fast during exercise

-maintain smooth breathing during exercise is a must, exhale when exercising against the resistance and inhale when

the resistance is released

-train every part of your body (such as the limbs and the trunk) evenly



• 保持身體正確姿勢及改善體型

• 減少肌肉關節慢性痛症

• 增加身體保護能力

• 增強運動能力

• 減低受傷機會




• 訓練時的阻力或重量應該由輕至重,循序漸進,並應量力而為

• 運動時的動作速度應適中,不宜過快

• 練習時必須保持呼吸暢順,抵抗阻力時呼氣,放下阻力時吸氣

• 身體每一部份如四肢及軀幹均應均勻地鍛鍊

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