Health benefits :

-stretch and exercise different parts of your body, improve the mobility of joints and relax your muscles

-can be taken as warm-up before exercise and subsequent cool-down after exercise as it will help relax tense muscles,

improve the mobility of joints, relax the mind and reduce the stiffness of muscles

-increase physical strength and enhance performance during exercise

-reduce the risk of sustaining injuries during exercise

Types of exercise :

Stretching exercises for different parts of the body

Guidelines :

-avoid making jerky movements or doing ballistic stretching

-maintain smooth breathing. Repeat each movement for 1-2 times, and sustain the posture for 10-30 seconds for eachmovement. The stretching muscles should be kept relaxed whereas the part of body being stretched should tense upslightly



• 可為身體不同部位進行伸展運動,活動關節,舒展筋骨

• 可作為運動前的熱身及運動後的紓緩,能夠放鬆緊張的肌肉,改善關節活動,鬆弛神經,減低肌肉僵硬

• 增強運動能力及表現

• 減低運動受傷的機會




• 避免進行抽動或彈振的動作

• 保持呼吸暢順,每個動作做1-2次,每次停留10-30秒,伸展中的肌肉應保持放鬆,而伸展部位要有輕微拉緊的感覺

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