Martin Wong is a certified fitness personal trainer and First Aid certified. He has more than 30 years experience in proper fitness, resistance training and body sculpting/toning. Also, he has been involved in the fitness/recreation/hospitality industry for 22 years. He has made it his goal to make sure his clients enjoy every workout.


Martin believes that fitness personal training is an excellent vehicle for achieving optimal physical & mental health and has experienced the benefits first hand.

Martin Wong是一位擁有急救認證的私人體適能教練。他在專業體適能、阻力訓練和身體雕塑方面有著超過三十年的經驗。此外,他持續廿二年從事體適能 /康樂/款待工業。他的目標是要確定他的客戶享受每一次的鍛鍊。



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